Dreamhost going down the tubes?

Posted by Tim Connor Wed, 18 Oct 2006 16:42:00 GMT

I’m getting really tired of Dreamhost’s non-stop problems. Hell even when something isn’t officialy broken my performance sucks. While I don’t expect to find mod_python so Trac will run nicely, for the Rails side of things (and all around, actually) a very nice looking new option sprung up: MediaTemple’s new Grid Server hosting. I’m seriously considering migrating everything over to their basic plan. Hell, I can keep my Dreamhost for random filestorage forever (well as long as one certain old client doesn’t get as tired of the performance as I am, and switch), given my referals (I might have to cut back to the basic plan).

I’m basically just waiting to hear back that Trac should run fine under .fcgi, which I expect it will, and to maybe read some reviews, since it JUST went live.

Oh, and the fact that DH just 10-foldified their disk space on plans, but are still DESPERATELY trying to get vendors to sell them a massive network storage solution doesn’t look good.

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