Update on hosting

Posted by Tim Connor Thu, 19 Oct 2006 15:59:00 GMT

Dreamhost upgraded the RAM on my server yesterday. This meant it was down unexpectdly and I felt like that was teh last straw. BUT, I checked their special status page, and saw what was happening, and they did have it right back up around the time frame they said they would.

My sites perform MUCH better now. I’m still stuck with the vagaries of being on a shared host, with the (mt) gs set-up might be the solution for, but so far I haven’t had any problems. Maybe half my problem was just being stuck on an underequiped server. And after trying out the gs, I might be asking for a refund (they said they’d give me one, if I chose). I’m just too addicted to the featurefulness of DH. mt didn’t have SRV records (needed for the chat for GMail for Your Domain), email plus addressing (tim+randomstring@timocracy.com), anyway to run Trac, barring good (bad) old cgi*, or mod\dav\svn (svn over Apache).

The solution for most of these would be too keep my DH account for those and use the Grid for things like Rails sites that need better performance. Well, why not just keep my DH only then, since my sites are performing fine now. I can always go back to mt later, after they add a Python container and SRV records (two things I know they are planning to implement). Thanks mt, for making it easy to cancel and get a refund, I’ll remember that when I need a little more umph, or if DH starts sucking again.

*While Apache fcgi may suck, it’s better than that.

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