Mocked out ActiveRecord for testing plugin

Posted by Tim Connor Fri, 20 Oct 2006 06:06:00 GMT

I mentioned this in my previous post, but to make my plugin easier to test I tried to make it not need to touch the DB, which was interesting to do, given that scaffold_resource is very much tied to a model. This was a big inspiration and this the final (as of now) result:

class Resource < ActiveRecord::Base
@count = 1 def self.count() @count end
def self.columns() columns ||= []; end def self.column(name, sql_type = nil, default = nil, null = true) columns <<, default, sql_type.to_s, null) end def self.find(param) return param == :all ? [{ |m| = 1; = 'bob' }] :{ |m| = 1; = 'bob' } end def save() @count += 1 and return true if valid? end
def destroy() @@count -= 1 end
column :name, :string

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