Typo Plugin : permalink with ID

Posted by Tim Connor Sun, 22 Oct 2006 21:17:00 GMT

Questions about what dynamic-scaffold-resource does arose, so I was going to write a post about that, as a warm-up for actually doing the documentation. But, then I got distracted by a blogging issue, and ended up solving that with another plugin.

As I mentioned in this post I’ve been wanting to keep Typo’s friendly permalink URL scheme, but mildly modify it to preface the title with the id, allowing for changing the title part of the permalink, but still have it match based on the id. Well, as I was about to write my other post, I noticed that one of the links that got out in the wild before I changed my permalink scheme was the 4th Google result for rails named routes. The result was pointing to a “no post found page.”

Well I did a temporary fix quickly with a little .htacces rewrite magic, but that made me more determined to actually have good fix along the lines I wanted of being able to find the article via an ID prefix, text changes aside.

So I checked out a copy of Typo trunk and messed around with it to see what it would take. I got the code working, after some exploration, and then started porting it to a plugin. Thus I know the functionality works, but it isn’t quite ready for release, as one of the two pieces is still just in the Typo code modifcation.

So what exactly does the tyo-permalink-with-id plugin do? It adds an after_create (since you don’t know the id until it after it has been saved to the DB) hook on the article to prefix the id to the title in the permalink (this is the part already moved into the plugin).

after_create do |article|
article.permalink = “#{article.id}-#{article.permalink}”

It also adds some logic to the code that displays the article based on the permalink. If the full permalink (with ID) isn’t found, look for the article first by the ID prefix, and then by the whole permalink as title (smooth upgrading for your articles which predate this scheme). If the article is found either of those ways it redirects via a permanent-redirect/301, not a 302, since that is where it should really be to the proper permalink address. If it’s not found, it finally falls back to the standard Typo “post not found” message (which I want to upgrade next – make it give a link to the browse by date for that date).

def permalink
article = this_blog.published_articles.find_by_permalink(*params.values_at(:year, :month, :day, :title))
redirect_to article.permalink_url and return if article.nil? and article = Article.find_by_id(params[:title].to_i)
redirect_to article.permalink_url and return if article.nil? and article = Article.find_by_title(params[:title])

So I just need to port that last bit over to the plugin, and we are good to go, and I’ll post an update. I’ll also be posting some bits I’ve learned in doing this. Actually these side-diversions from my main project are definitely helping my Rails and ruby knowledge, which will benefit that project.

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