Typo Plugin is live : permalink with ID is 1.0ish 4

Posted by Tim Connor Tue, 24 Oct 2006 18:51:00 GMT

So typo-permalink-with-id is fully operational. Your Rebel friends are doomed. For subversion or other project details go the project site at http://code.google.com/p/typo-permalink-with-id/.

To see it in operation try going to this article via the wrong permalink, like /articles/2006/10/24/25-tims-typo-plugin-is-so-cool.


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    sprewell about 10 hours later:

    Couldn’t you do the same thing just by using the date and some parsing of the incomplete title, without having to stick another number in there? That’s the way I’d prefer it were done.

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    Tim Connor about 13 hours later:

    Parsing the incomplete title how, exactly? What if I had a typo in the middle that I wanted to edit (speaking from experience as to why I wanted to build this plugin)? Or what if I decided to come up with a naming convention for types of articles, after the fact. Or completely retitle an article after some deep breaths.

    Yes, you can just change the title, and leave the permalink unedited, but if you are going to have a userfriendly scheme it seems worth it to try and keep the title correct, and only an ID is really concrete. If you have a string that is immutable that’d work, bit since we are humans and attach meaning to readable strings, we tend to want them just right, hence the ability to edit a "perma"link in typo. If you really don’t like /articles/2006/20/24/25-title, maybe /2006/20/24/article24-title?

    Editing the title could probably satisfy most requirements, but having the permalink be wrong bugs me, and I must not be the only one, since the functionality is in Typo to edit it.

    All in all, though, I saw something I could tweak, and decided I might learn something trying to do it. It’s MIT license, so you’re welcome to snag it and adjust however you want. If there is some demand I might extend it to be a preference that allows you to set a default permalink scheme out of a number of possibilities, but still search for all of them on failure (the post not found page could at least offer a link to view other posts for that date, as it stands), or something like that.

    I suppose it’s also a boon to SEO types, as they could fine-tune their permalink keywords, but that really wasn’t a consideration, just something I realized after the fact.

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    Trey Bean about 22 hours later:

    Wouldn’t it make even more sense for typo to simply keep track of any change in the permalink and make sure all cases go to the same article?

    I notice there is a “redirects” table in the database, but haven’t looked to see how it’s used.

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    Tim Connor about 24 hours later:

    Unusable for this instance, if I recall from when I played with it. It’s more for when you are dealing with converting from a different system (such as WordPress, say), and get requests that don’t map to any action. It never seems to get called on a simple “Post not found.”

    Maybe making it get checked on that and auto-tracking is the way to go. Hmm, let me think.