Dreamhost has got to go - Apache fcgi sucks. 4

Posted by Tim Connor Wed, 25 Oct 2006 07:33:00 GMT

So I thought I’d hold onto Dreamhost as my primary host a while longer, but its driving me mad. It just won’t perform wortha snot, especially anything that depends on fcgi. Hence Trac and Typo (Rails is Apache fcgi on Dreamhost) are not exactly running up to snuff. But it’s not like anything has ever been going F1 speeds for me with them.

You want to know how I knew right away there was a comment posted on one of the entries? I have been giving the new Rails monitoring service, Heartbeat, a try, and I got a notification from them that my domain had changed from “200 OK” to timing out. Great, the load of serving up a couple page-views and handling a single comment pushed my Typo install to it’s limits.

I’m going to keep Dreamhost for storage, backup, and mirroring svn, since you get a lot for your dollar, but I can’t stand it as a primary domain any longer, even just for my blog and minor personal projects.


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    sprewell 2 days later:

    So I take it that moving my current Dreamhost site, serving 20k unique IPs/400k hits a month, from static files to typo fastcgi is not a good idea?

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    Tim Connor 2 days later:

    Heh, probably not. It’s been a cycle of up and down for me. I wouldn’t do it unless you are willing to deal with some of the downs. Apache fcgi… well someone else put this one best:

    It’s true, Apache + FastCGI is a horrible, horrible solution, unless your problem is “how can I waste my time on a dodgy server config?” in which case you shouldn’t be using the Intarweb while drunk.

    And shared hosting and Apache fcgi are a particularly bad match. Of course, DH takes it to new heights with their mass hosting and the things they have to do to make that work.

    When the CPU usage gets to high they’ll just kill off your processes, no warning. And sometimes it’ll take a while for them to start back up (15 minutes +) wether they kill them, or you kill them for a reset. It’s almost like they are being started by a cron or something, even though I thought they had a pretty vanilla Apache fcgi handling set-up.

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    Peter 24 days later:

    I can’t stand anymore DH as well.. I’ve been using Heartbeat and from some weeks my site has been down almost everyday. Any ideas for a good Rails host or even VPS. Lame fcgi. Thanks.

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    Tim Connor 24 days later: