Dynamic Scaffold Resource Rails plugin at final prerelease 2

Posted by Tim Connor Wed, 25 Oct 2006 23:48:00 GMT

I got everything I wanted done: testing, easy install, and documentation, so as of now Dynamic Scaffold Resource is ready to go. I’m holding off on making it officially 1.0 to see if there is any feedback from the people who expressed interest on the Rails core list.

While I know it could be fleshed out a lot more, my goal was to try as closely as possible meld the generated scaffold_resource and the dynamic scaffolding call, so as to make included it in Rails a better possibility. As such any feedback is still most, most welcome, but any new functionality would probably go in a post 1.0 branch. And there are a number of more fully featured scaffoldingesque plugins out there already, anyways.


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    Scott about 1 month later:

    Thanks for this, Tim!

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    Tim Connor 2 months later:

    You are most welcome, Scott. Maybe I’ll have to get around to pursuing this further and updating it – I’ve just been really busy with life lately.