Back up and running

Posted by Tim Connor Sun, 25 Feb 2007 21:53:00 GMT

As you can no doubt see, this blog has return from its hiatus. As I’ve complained about before, running Typo on Dreamhost isn’t that dependable, so while I was busy wrapping up the sale of my condo and then moving to Tucson, I let it slide. But now that I am somewhat settled in, I’ve gotten around to the updating, tweaking, and praying required to get everything working again, and will probably be keeping a little closer eye on it.

I’ve turned on various spam protection measures (such as Akismet, disabling non-ajax commenting. moderation, etc), and am hoping that will alleviate some of the performance issues. If not I am thinking of moving onto a new system- looking for something that is less of a pain for me to maintain with this set-up, since I will be needing to get a job, and thus will have better things to do with my time than getting frustrated with Typo/Dreamhost-fcgi. I’ve been considering the newest kid on the block in the Rails blogging world SimpleLog, but maybe things will stay functional enough that I don’t have to go down that road and spend more time converting everything over.

Either way, I’ll be posting again here some, as I work on finally getting the Lost River Outfitter’s site updated with the new functionality that I promised them as a Christmas present ages ago, and then finally get around to playing with some of my ideas for InfoSauce 2.0. If I get a non-tech job (like my plan to work in a bike shop), I’ll probably be willing to spend more of my spare time developing, but either way I’ll try and post semi-regularly as I come across cool stuff.

As well, I’ll probably be working on getting the design updated with Stf’s work (after I feedback to her on the first round logo stuff), so I can get rid of the stupid placeholder header image, fixing the homepage nav in Safari, putting my resume up, and other house-keeping as I have time.

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