Running Internet Explorer on Mac through Wine

Posted by Tim Connor Sun, 15 Apr 2007 18:53:00 GMT

While Parallels is awesome and all, for web developers, I got tired of having to run a whole VM at all times for testing. I decided to see if I could get IE running through WIne, and just use my Parallels install for a final browser test. I basically followed these directions. with a couple additions:

  • X11 wasn’t running my .bash_login, so I moved the entire file to .bashrc, and then made a new one that sourced (“source ~/.bashrc”) so that both the OS X terminal and X1 got all my bash set-up stuff.
  • I added “export DISPLAY=localhost:0.0” to my new .bashrc
  • I copied the contents of my Basecamp/Parallels install font folder to my “.wine/drive_c/windows/fonts/”

So now I can just run IE through X11 for my day to day testing. I didn’t get IE7 running, because the betas of that had some issues on OS X, but when they have it polished I’ll give it another shot.

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