Merb blog begun: blerb 6

Posted by Tim Connor Sun, 02 Dec 2007 10:44:00 GMT

It’s nowhere near being ready yet, but I made my first contributions tonight. I was going to code up one myself, but a couple other caboosers already where planning on it, and since I am somewhat time constrained on personal projects, that was perfect.

Just getting started was quite a bit to bite off, though, as it involved learning git, datamapper, merb, rspec, and how the last three all play together (like how to use rspecs built-in mocking when trying to do controller specs in merb). I got it checked out and my first minor changes specc’ed and made, and pushed back upstream, though, so it should go easier from here out.

I will post more when there is something more to say (like maybe a repo to browse, or a website, or something that is usable as a blog)

Update: The other contributor to blerb so far is John Hornbeck.


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    Tieg 1 day later:

    Dude, if you guys finish this project, pleeeease include a migration script for Typo! Typo has been good to me, but a speedy blog would rule. Although I guess I’d have to move from fcgi to mongrel in that case. I’m also curious to see how you guys like DataMapper.

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    Tim Connor 1 day later:

    If? If? You wound me, Tieg. ;) Yeah, finding spare time to do side projects can be tough.

    But dude, this blog is running on Typo, so…. Of course, I’ll probably just move over from the version I have now, and leave it to others to tweak for their Typo version.

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    ducktyped 9 days later:

    Hi Tim,

    I just left a comment on John’s blog (right now still in moderation), and I’m interested in contributing to this project. How can I get involved and up to speed?



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    Tim Connor 9 days later:

    Well see the latest post. Or just stop by #blerb on freenode.

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    Brian about 1 month later:

    The best way to do a migration would be to have a universal migration that would just pull in an rss feed. That way a person could migrate from any blog.

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    Tim Connor about 1 month later:

    Very interesting idea Brian. You’d have to do a bit more work for comments and tags, but it’s all doable. Atom as a common import format is sorta clever.