Looking for 2 bad-ass developers in San Francisco ASAP

Posted by Tim Connor Fri, 04 Jan 2008 02:42:00 GMT

The company I work for is looking for 2 more software engineers, to work on our two main apps: http://www.yieldbuild.com/ and http://hubpages.com/. They are written in RoR and PHP, respectively, but my boss says he is not looking for anyone with a specific set of preexisting language skills as much as just someone who is wicked smart and a solid developer. In fact, skill with unmanaged languages wouldn’t hurt (but certainly is not required).

It’s a really cool, laid-back place to work, especially for a start-up. Our money situation is solid. Some of us occasionally fly RC helicopters in one of the meeting rooms. A number of us (but not all, so it’s not like you have to) go out for beers on Tues/Fri. You know the general SOMA start-up thing, but with a good business plan, revenue, and without the hype or extravagance you might have seen the last time on the roller-coaster.

Drop me a line at timocratic@gmail.com if you are interested or want details, and then I’ll hand you along to my boss.

Update: You won’t get stuck doing PHP if you applied to do Rails. I don’t touch the PHP, myself, and at least one position will be filled solely for working on the Rails app. First come first serve, and/or depending on skillsets and all that, you know? If you want a job working on Rails, just say so.

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