Mountain West Ruby Conference : day two afternoon

Posted by Tim Connor Sat, 29 Mar 2008 23:02:00 GMT

What To Do when Mongrel Stops Responding to Your Requests and Ruby Doesn’t Want to Tell You About It – Philippe Hanrigou

Collar mikes are fucking loud if you hold them in your hand and talk right into them. The sound guy should tweak things a bit, but still, they are definitely designed for high gain and really easy to spike.

Lots of Star Ward humor, again, and again.

Keep mongrels running via your OS tools. If there is a problem, it’s never mongrel apparently – it can be rails, your code, your db, etc. just not mongrel. I guess props to Zed, eh?

Server Admin peeps here say they learned a ton from his book. This continues to prove I don’t want to do SA for personal stuff. Maybe I will apply for Dreamhost PS (basically affordable managed VPS), after all.

gdb and dtrace (and thus D)

Lightning Talks

  • gem_installer – much look at for at work, since I keep adding gems. :D
  • xmpp (jabber) ruby bot (twitter signs)
  • couchdb stuff about async datastore
  • Ruby golfed duck ascii art. Ruby can look like perl
  • RubyCocoa
  • IO
  • All sorts of fixtures alternatives, such as ObjectMother, scenarios builders, etc

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