Mountain West Ruby Conference : day two midday

Posted by Tim Connor Sat, 29 Mar 2008 21:09:00 GMT

Ruby Internals – Patrick Farley

This talk is actually the hard-core internals as advertised. Dig up the slides and prepare for some C. Well presented, though. Nice object-graphs/diagrams. Might be worth listening to the video, not just the slides if you are interested, as he seems to explain well. Lots of Star Wars slides/humor. Seems to be a theme since Giles’ Darth Vader/sombrero slide (note to DHS: Sith Lords could be sneaking across our unsecured border)

BDD with Shoulda – Tammer Saleh

General BDD soft sell followed with same for Shoulda – one line of spec for one line of code. Argument for testing AR association as such, not testing what they do. Overmocking – still haven’t found a good answer myself. I do agree that nested contexts help.

Related: got into debate about mocking/whitebox/glassbox/inside-of-contract vs. non-mocked/blackbox/outside-of-contract testing. I am firming up my thoughts on having both and calling them “unit” and “functional” specs/tests. During refactor functionals must pass and you rewrite units as the BDD process for your refactor. Rando (in conf irc, no idea who) seemed to follow similar practice, which is the first non-PDI response I have gotten.

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