On iPhone theft and chasing down an armed robber 8

Posted by Tim Connor Sat, 17 Jan 2009 22:33:00 GMT

Sorry for the stream of consciousness, lack of paragraphs, but I am still wired on adrenaline.

Those of you with my phone number, it won’t be good for a little bit. My phone just got snagged out of my hand on the bus. The guy doing the snatch and grab, ran out of the bus as he grabbed it, while his fat compatriot tailed behind him running interference. I kicked off my shoes as I chased after the guy with the phone and weaved around the fat guy out into the street and around the corner after my phone. I pushed the robber up against the chain link fence as I caught up to him, and his gun fell out of his pants. His fat buddy, behind me a little said something to the effect of “what the fuck are you doing” while he said “I didn’t grab it, it fell.” Thinking he meant he missed the grab I let him go as he fumbled for the gun (stupid, I know, but I didn’t know what else to do with him, what try and beat the snot out of the two of them, that’d be assault. And the gun hadn’t registered yet, or had just barely started falling) and went back to look for my phone. Of course, it wasn’t there because the robber had it.

The bus driver called it in to the cops, who took all my info and witness account and gave me a drive home. They are hoping to get something good off the cameras on the bus, and I have a case number. I am canceling all the passwords of things that might be saved on my phone, and already canceled service to it.


I just realized when he said “I didn’t grab it, it just fell” he was referring to his gun, to let me know he was not pulling it on me. That makes it somehow more real and scary to accept that he could have been.


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    Tammer Saleh 18 minutes later:

    You gotta be more careful, man. Dudes with guns don’t make sane decisions :)

    And really sorry about your iphone. Hopefully the cops catch those fuckers.

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    Tim Connor 22 minutes later:

    Yeah, I know, I gotta tone down my “give chase” instinct. Or at least hohe the "grab the gun " one, if not. ;) This is actually the second time I have chased after a thief (the other being a burglar I chased out of my house), and this time I actually caught him, probably because I knew to ditch the Crocs – those things slow you down way to much.


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    Tieg about 18 hours later:

    :O Holy shite! Sorry to hear about the burglering— did you have it password locked?

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    Aleksandar 1 day later:

    Wow, really brave of you to dash off after the guy. Hope they’ll catch him.

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    Tim Connor 1 day later:

    Tieg, nope. I have since changed a bunch of passwords.

    Aleksander, I doubt it, but here’s to hope. I am mainly hoping my Amex that I bought it with covers it.

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    A-holes 2 days later:

    I’m sorry you had this experience. What the hell is life about. It sucks that we have to live amongst trash, evil, and jealously.

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    skip hire 19 days later:

    Did your Amex card cover the loss?

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    Tim Connor about 1 month later:

    It’s covering the purchase price (which was subsidized by the contract), so I am out a couple hundred, still.