Another ticket on Rails Metal loading/requiring issues

Posted by Tim Connor Tue, 28 Apr 2009 21:43:00 GMT

Our (YieldBuild, Inc) use of metal for one of our two highest throughput actions seems to manage to ferret out edge-cases, as I know have another ticket on Rails Metal requiring issues

This one, thankfully doesn’t have any serious performance hits on production (fixing the other one by manually forcing thin to use the right rails handler via a basic dropped our load by roughly 30%).

There is just a problem with having a dependency on a project constant from within metal, and you have the choice of having development mode choke on the second metal request (due to Rails having unloaded the constant, but not knowing metal needed it reloaded), or forcing a manual require, which will cause a double require. Hopefully none of your models, etc, are non-idempotent on file load (aside from warnings about redefining constants), right?

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