User-friendly RESTful permalink

Posted by Tim Connor Wed, 18 Oct 2006 16:23:00 GMT

So I’ve taken to changing my permalinks ala: Of course, Typo already has user-friendly slugs, but I am now prefacing the article id to the title, for the permalink. My thinking being it would take a minor patch to Typo to allow for this sort of routing, and suddenly I have the freedom to rename my article and permalink at will, without making old links obselete. I mean who hasn’t realized a glaring typo AFTER an article is published. Well, if one ever has readers (not me, of course ;)) then you can’t just go and correct it, without making potential links out there incorrect.

Yes, I realize this scheme isn’t actually RESTful, it just came up in looking into REST stuff, and has some potential advantages.

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