Problems with mongrel_cluster and Rails 2.3 dispatcher reloading your metal every request 2

Posted by Tim Connor Wed, 15 Apr 2009 23:33:00 GMT

So, once I added a couple Rails metal to our high volume site, my boss complained that our performance took a serious hit. In tracking it down (with strace) we realized that every request was re-requiring each metal, which involves a full load path search. This was not happening on our local script/server started mongrels, but was happening on production for both thin and mongrel_cluster, even after we had gone through every setting and made them match exactly.

We traced it down to the difference of mongrel_cluster versus the script/server. Script/server is going to use the built in, updated for Rails 2.3, mongrel handler. The old stuff called by thin or mongrels started by mongrel_cluster, is going to use the old (“deprecated”) dispatch path, which in a cgi-ish fashion rebuilds the dispatcher and all rack middleware and metal each time, which means re-requiring them all.

So now I am not sure what to do. Do we have to start all of our mongrels with rackup? Do we take the rack mongrel handlers from rails and patch them into wherever? Do I file a bug for Rails that there at least needs to be some documentation, other than just deprecating the method that a stock mongrel will call?

Update I made a ticket for it Also having mongrel start up using the handler in the rails vendorized rack as a config will fix the problem for mongrel. I’m not sure about thin, as that handler seems to be rackup specific?

Update2 Ezra said he’d go with rackup and gave me a monit script for it

Update3 We made a barebone rails and made thin use that, forcing it down the path of using the built-in rails handler. That dropped our load by 30% roughly, so yeah, this behavior had a significant impact on us.


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    mrchucho 5 months later:

    I’m curious about your monit script. Perhaps I am mistaken, but I don’t see how “-E production” would work since rackup only accepts development, deployment or none as an environment. Also, what are you using for stopping mongrel started via rackup (i.e. what’s in that “rackup_stop” script)?

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    Tim Connor 5 months later:

    Not my script man, just passing it along from Ezra at EngineYard, who I am pretty sure knows his stuff when it comes to deploying Rails.