Updating ARTS', or assert_rjs', :insert_html to work with Rails 2.1-stable 1

Posted by Tim Connor Fri, 19 Sep 2008 01:14:00 GMT

I updated our Rails at work today, and got some test failures, because page.insert_html switched from using new Insertion to Element.insert. So that other people could get the benefit of the quick fix, I found a mirror someone had thrown up on github, forked it, and made my changes. So here is my copy of arts, on github.

The only problem with this is the original githubber for it, Rich Poirier, set the author for the original commits as kevinc, but Kevin Clark’s username on github is actually kevinclark. I don’t think Kevin will mind too much, since he’s not maintaining it, it’s BSD, and he said do whatever with it, on ’boose.