Clarification of job posting - dedicated Rails position

Posted by Tim Connor Thu, 24 Jan 2008 00:16:00 GMT

Apparently my earlier posting about our job openings be scaring people off people who don’t want to do PHP. There is at least one Rails dedicated opening. While we are also looking for someone to work on the PHP app we are not looking for people only to work on both: I only work on the Rails app (and associated ruby libs I’ve written for said app). So if you want to only work in Ruby or only in PHP or don’t care and would do either go ahead and apply, not only the last case.

Hey Planet caboose is back up; my company is still looking for 2 developers in SF

Posted by Tim Connor Wed, 23 Jan 2008 01:20:00 GMT

Planet Caboose was down for a bit, and a lot of my reach comes from that, since way more people probably read that then my blog. Unfortunately, that downtime came right when I was posting that the company I work for is looking for 2 bad-ass developers in San Francisco, ASAP. So I’m posting this, for those that certainly missed the original announcement.

Edited for typo: downtime != downtown

Looking for 2 bad-ass developers in San Francisco ASAP

Posted by Tim Connor Fri, 04 Jan 2008 02:42:00 GMT

The company I work for is looking for 2 more software engineers, to work on our two main apps: and They are written in RoR and PHP, respectively, but my boss says he is not looking for anyone with a specific set of preexisting language skills as much as just someone who is wicked smart and a solid developer. In fact, skill with unmanaged languages wouldn’t hurt (but certainly is not required).

It’s a really cool, laid-back place to work, especially for a start-up. Our money situation is solid. Some of us occasionally fly RC helicopters in one of the meeting rooms. A number of us (but not all, so it’s not like you have to) go out for beers on Tues/Fri. You know the general SOMA start-up thing, but with a good business plan, revenue, and without the hype or extravagance you might have seen the last time on the roller-coaster.

Drop me a line at if you are interested or want details, and then I’ll hand you along to my boss.

Update: You won’t get stuck doing PHP if you applied to do Rails. I don’t touch the PHP, myself, and at least one position will be filled solely for working on the Rails app. First come first serve, and/or depending on skillsets and all that, you know? If you want a job working on Rails, just say so.