Problems testing rss feeds in Safari locally with test domain, due to redirects 2

Posted by Tim Connor Mon, 23 Apr 2007 19:03:00 GMT

Safari redirects feeds to its internal pretty handling with the feed: protocol. If you are working with a local test domain, such as http://test/yourfeed.rss you’ll have problems. In this case, Safari adds a www. and a .com, which is a problem, since you probably aren’t serving the same content up at I am not sure if it’s always the case, but it additionally hard to track down in my case, because somehow when it choked Safari ended up redirecting to http://yourfeed.rss without any domain.

I have filed a bug with Apple, but until then I am adding a ServerAlias for the version of my dev domains in Apache config, as a work-around. And for some reason adding in the NetInfo Manager doesn’t work, so I added it to my /etc/hosts file.

Safari as my primary browser instead of Firefox 3

Posted by Tim Connor Thu, 05 Apr 2007 17:41:00 GMT

After a little while running OS X, it got harder and harder to bring myself to fire up the ‘fox. Safari looks better on OS X, and just seems to run less bloated. Firefox has enough developer friendly extensions that of course I’ll always have it around for when I hit a DOM/css problem, and it’s useful for triangulating the web standards – if it works in Safari and FireFox, it’s good enough until I get to final browser tweaks and have to fire up Parallels.

There is one reason, everything else aside, that I’d continue to find FF a pain on the Mac, as anything else than a last ditch development tool, though: the stupid legacy choice about which modifier key opens in a new tab. Firefox follows the IE lead about adding http:// and .com if you hit enter in the address field, while holding down the primary modifier (CTRL on PC and Command on Mac), so as to make it easier on ex-IE users. That means you have a different modifier for opening in a tab based on wether you are clicking a link or typing in the address bar. Alt (option on Mac), is the “download this link” modifier when using a mouse, and “open in tab” in the address bar. Even though I use a 3-button mouse it’s still damn annoying to have to remember to use the “download” modifier, if I am using the address or search bar. And I can’t seem to find any way to change it – DAMN annoying (and stupid).

Thus yet another reasons that Safari just makes me happy.