Follow-up on the iPhone theft +1 for Amex and SFPD

Posted by Tim Connor Fri, 27 Feb 2009 23:51:00 GMT

Getting insurance money from American Express for the theft of my iPhone was straight-forward. It is only the purchases price ($299 + tax), not the replacement value, but that is better than nothing.

Also an Inspector from the San Francisco Police Department just called me to record an electronic statement. Apparently they got good enough video from the muni cameras to make a bulletin from, so they want my statement on hand for a follow-up if someone identifies suspects. I have to say, throughout this SFPD has been friendly, responsive, and more pro-active than I expected. I wonder if that is at all affected by me being a well-off, educated, white, male? All I know is they seemed far more interested in this than SLC PD where for a car theft, and a couple break-ins, I had. Maybe the involvement of a gun make a difference.