Rails 2.1 and "RangeError: memory address is a recycled object" errors when running tests

Posted by Tim Connor Thu, 24 Jul 2008 22:00:00 GMT

If you are hitting mysterious warnings of the format: “RangeError: 0×19ad692 is recycled object” in your tests, after upgrading to Rails 2.1, it might be due to threading issues. Just commenting out the line

require ‘thread’

in a library at work, that will run without it, quieted the tests, so it’s possible even just requiring it will cause problems in Rails 2.1 (using ruby 1.8.6 p114).

Which is odd, since thread is required at least one place in the AR code itself, and elsewhere in our app. Maybe it’s an interplay of a couple libraries together, such as the non-threadsafe ‘aws/s3’ and thread?